Add/Modify/Remove a Memo


A memo can be added to an ordered menu item to provide additional instructions to the kitchen or server.

The memo appears on the application check, on the kitchen display screen and on the ticket that is sent to the kitchen.

The memo does not appear on the guest check.


Add a Memo

On the application, order a menu item. 

Tap the blue i icon next to the item and tap Add Memo in the item options pop-up.

Using the keyboard, type text in the memo field (70 characters limit). Tap Save.


Tap on the item name to expand the item and show the memo below.

Tap Submit Order to send the order to the kitchen with the memo.

Once submitted, the memo will appear on the Kitchen Display System below the name of the ordered item.
Memo on QSR KDS is limited to 14 characters. 

If using a printer, the Memo text will appear on the kitchen receipt underneath the ordered item.

Remove/Modify a Memo

A memo can be removed from an item that has not been sent to the kitchen. (No changes can be made to the memo after it has been sent.) 

On the Order screen, tap the blue i icon next to the item to open the item options pop-up.

To modify the memo, delete the current memo text, then enter the new memo text and tap Save.


To remove the memo, tap Clear, then Save.


 Memos cannot be modified after they have been sent to the kitchen.

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