Jobs - archive


The Jobs page allows the administrator to create jobs and labor categories for people to be assigned to. 

  • A job is a category of user. Tip share, labor category and permissions are customized based on the job(s) assigned to a user. 
  • Labor categories are used to categorize labor into groups. Labor categories can be used to capture labor costs on reports. 


  • Tabs 
    • Jobs - Displays jobs and jobs information
    • Labor Categories - Displays labor categories used for reporting and labor cost management 
  • Buttons
    • Add Job -Launches the Add Job dialog box used to create a new job
    • Batch modifications - Click in field to edit the name, description or external code (screenshot below)
    • Search - Enter text to execute a search 
  • Columns
    • Sort by column name 
    • Filter by specified parameters  
  • Drop-down filter - Use the drop-down to select the number of items to display 
  • Refresh button - Refreshes the grid 


Labor Categories

Batch Modifications 

Click in field to edit the name, description or external code. Click Save Changes to save or Cancel Changes to retain the original entries. 

Add/Edit a Job - archive  

Job Permissions

Add/Edit Labor Categories