Site Configuration - ECM


Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is the content management system for NorthStar Order Entry. It is used to configure and monitor various account settings and information and to build and customize the content for accounts and sites. Sales, inventory and labor reports are available. Information is deployed from ECM to the POS devices in-store. 

  • ECM can be securely accessed from any web-enabled device
  • Modify sites individually, by groups or all
  • Change prices, content, images, user permissions and more


There are three views into ECM: Order Entry, Dashboard and System Administrator (CBS admins only)

Order Entry 

Click Order Entry to access the Order Entry content management system. This is where the Order Entry system content is configured and managed. 
From the Welcome page, use the top navigation bar to access content configuration pages. 

See ECM - Order Entry



Depending on their permissions, ECM administrators will see the Dashboard view on login.

If the ECM user is in the Order Entry view, they can access the Dashboard view from the drop-down on the Home tab: 

Dashboard tabs

UsersWorld View 

From Users, an ECM user can add and/or edit ECM users and roles (not site users).
See Users (Dashboard).

From World View, an ECM user can access account information regarding sites, devices and integrations. 
See World View

System Administrator

This view is restricted to specific CBS users for data administration, feature settings and releases. This is for CBS' internal use only. 

World View

ECM - Dashboard

ECM - Order Entry

System Administrator Guide