Guest Facing (Sites)


In the guest-facing operation mode, guests can place and pay for their orders on the POS device app. Settings specific to the guest-facing operation mode are configured in ECM on the Guest Facing page. This includes enabling specific settings in this mode, how gratuities are presented to guests, languages available and more. 


Item Description


Pre-order enabledAllows pre-orders to be created in guest-facing mode (See Pre-Order - Kiosk/Guest-facing Mode
Favorites and Membership EnabledAllows user to create and manage membership account and save favorite items for easy ordering (Requires account feature toggle to be enabled: 4.0 G3a Featured Menu Categories (Guest  UI); default = on)*
Web browsing enabledAllows web browsing from POS device; if enabled, enter a default URL (format: http://www.sitename) (Requires account feature toggle to be enabled: 4.0 G1b Guest Facing Web Browsing; default = on)*  
Payment not allowedIn kiosk mode, bypass guest payment and send items immediately to the kitchen once orders are submitted.
Guests can pay server or cashier later. (Similar to deli service.) When selected, "I want to pay" button does not appear on guest-facing UI. 
Email opt-in allowed Allows guest to opt in to receive emails or marketing materials (Requires account feature toggle to be enabled: Opt in to receive emails or marketing materials; default = off)* (App work not complete at time of writing: OE-10713)
Kiosk: Prompt for phone number

In kiosk mode, when the user taps I want to pay, they will be prompted to enter a phone number before payment. 

Note: If payment is not allowed in kiosk mode (see setting above), Review my order is shown instead of I want to pay.  When the guest taps Review my order, they will be prompted to enter a phone number. 

Kiosk prompt 

 When Guest Identifier required is selected for the Kiosk area, a guest identifier window will pop up when the guest taps I want to pay (or Review my order, if payment is not allowed).

In the Kiosk prompt textbox, enter text to be displayed for the guest identifier pop-up, e.g., Please enter your phone number, table number, etc. (A numeric keypad will appear for the guest's entry.) The guest enters the requested information and taps Confirm to continue. Field is required and will display an alert message if left blank. 

Note: The kiosk prompt doesn't require Kiosk: Prompt for phone number to be selected unless the site wishes to prompt for a phone number as the guest identifier. 

Need Something Button

See Need Something? (Convenience Center/Call server immediately)
Display Convenience Center

When this option is selected and the guest taps Need something?, the Convenience Center window opens. The guest has options on the convenience center for assistance or to place orders for specified items easily. 

Call a server immediately

Notifies a server to the device's location 

A message appears on the POS device and a chit prints to notify the server 

Suggested Gratuity

Enabled/Disabled/Enter Amount

Select an option from the dropdown list to configure how suggested gratuity for a credit card payment is to be presented in guest-facing mode. 


  • Default Suggested Gratuities: Allows user to select the default suggested gratuity
    • If None is selected, the gratuity amounts are shown but none are selected as the default
      • Guest can enter an amount or tap any predefined amount

    • If any other amount is selected, it is highlighted as the default amount 
      • Guest can enter an amount or tap any predefined amount

  • If Other - Guest filled in amount is selected, guest can enter an amount or tap any predefined amount


  • Default Suggested Gratuities: None is auto-selected 
  • On the app, payment process bypasses gratuity option

Enter Amount 

  • Default Suggest Gratuities: None is auto-selected 
  • User is prompted to enter an amount for the gratuity
  • No suggested gratuity amounts are presented

Cash Payment: If the guest is paying cash, the settings don't apply. The payment screen simply presents suggested amounts for the guest's convenience

Gratuity Computation

Suggested Gratuity computation is configurable can be one of the following values:

  • Net Sales

  • Gross Sales

  • Net Sale plus Tax


Enable Multiple languages

Localization setting to allow multiple language support on Guest Facing and Kiosk. Flag to allow translation of text to multiple languages; user can set a default language for the site (See Languages)

Default language: Select a default language from the dropdown list 

Kitchen Hours

Set the kitchen open and close hours to access the menus in the guest-facing app. 

Click in a field to edit the time.



(Requires account feature toggle to be enabled: Surveys; default = off)* 

Pre-configured surveys can be enabled from this tab (See Surveys

* This feature requires an account feature toggle to be set in order for this option to display. Please contact your NorthStar representative to enable for your account.

Access Guest Facing location on application

  • Attach to a location where the Default Operation Mode is configured as Guest Facing. 
    • Configuration: Go to Sites > Areas > Locations > Add Location (or edit existing location)
    • Select Guest Facing for Default Operation Mode 

  • After attaching to location, tap Log out to change to guest-facing user interface

  • The home screen will be shown in the guest-facing user interface. Note that the screen can be configured to show featured items and/or categories, as shown in this example

  • Tap Start ordering to show the menus and start ordering

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