4.5.7 Hotfix Order Entry for iPad

Release date: October 15, 2017


  • [OE-11496] - Bar: Ordering Menu is not displayed after Open is tapped on Checks pop-up; happened when cash pre-auth overrides a cc pre-auth
  • [OE-11714] - Gift Card Void: Voids of mercury gift card sales create new gift card sales or completely remove gift cards
  • [OE-11783] - Guest Facing: Gratuity amount is replacing the Subtotal amount instead of adding it; error message is displayed after credit card is charged
  • [OE-11790] - App began crashing on any iPads accessing a particular check or table
  • [OE-11804] - Gift Card (Activated) Void: When voiding a gift card open value transaction, error message displays "Invalid order item specified"

Release report