.52 Order Entry for iPad

Release Date: 12-4-2013

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  • [OE-299] - Ticket Sale causing duplicate printouts of tickets
  • [OE-198] - Kiosk cash payment still available after credit card fails, regardless of cash payment enabled setting.
  • [OE-243] - Unable to run Date Range Reports using Thick Client, out of memory exception


  • [OE-70] - Refactor time clock data storage, store data as punches instead of timecards
  • [OE-195] - Improved the Remote Listener to maintain a more reliable connection to the XMPP server.
  • [OE-283] - Customer can no longer tip on a device in kiosk mode.
  • [OE-320] - Device is detached from the location after staff submits the order (only in Table Service Mode)
  • [OE-245] - Admins can disable users from placing/re-opening pre-orders system wide.

New Feature

  • [OE-155] - Restaurant operators can setup a menu item promo to display when the customer adds an item to the order.
  • [OE-128] - Managers can make previous period adjustments to time cards