NorthStar 4.8 Release Notes

Release date: November 19, 2020

1. New Features & Improvements

Certain new features and improvements require an account feature toggle to be enabled to activate the feature. Contact your NorthStar representative to discuss this.
Some items represent a portion of the work required and will be completed in a future application release.

See NorthStar - - release for more detailed information on these new features. 

2. Fixes


  • Taxed for Take-out setting is honored when checks are changed to Take-out

  • Check Search and Check Search Filter displays correctly

  • Able to filter Check Search with last 4 digits from credit card payment

  • Server time is displayed on Check Search screen

  • Reopened closed checks displays correct total price

  • Order Type displays properly on check


  • Suggested Gratuity displays correct totals when item quantities are added or subtracted

  • Gratuity percentage calculates proper amount after voiding items from a previously paid check

  • Disabled Alternate Payments are inaccessible

  • Payment methods applied to checks correctly stay when check is adjusted

  • Applied credit card payment to a check with discounts applied displays correct total amount for payment

  • Able to apply payment after applying refund to a check

  • Can add new tips to existing credit card transactions

  • Split payments will be removed from check when user auto-logs out

  • Gift Card cashouts by user are limited to enabled permissions

  • Gratuity tax displays with items are sent to kitchen

  • “Invalid QR Code” error message displays correctly when applying incorrect QR Code

  • Able to finalize checks with offline credit card transaction applied

  • Tips calculate properly when items ordered utilizing quantity buttons


  • Receipt prints tips added on VX805 device

Staff Facing

  • The blue Send Now button for scheduled orders sends items to the kitchen correctly

  • Pre-Auth icon displays properly

  • NCL RFID/Swipe toggle displays correctly for staff login

  • System Messages no longer overlaps UI when you tap “Install to this iPad”

  • Users in Training Mode will be removed from that mode after EOD

  • Updating Data overlay displays properly

  • Simultaneous completed ECM deploy and transaction complete properly

Guest Facing and Kiosk

  • Set promo items display on guest facing

  • Entered gratuity displays amount when back button is pressed before signing check

  • Able to add additional tip

  • Payment chit only prints when pre-auth set for location

  • Cardholder’s name prints correctly on receipt during payment

  • UI correctly displays on iOS 13.x

  • Save to Favorites allows user to order item


  • Able to tap Apply Button when applying refund

  • Adjustment Reasons organized alphabetically

  • Cannot apply a Discount Open value of zero to a check

  • Able to add payment properly after manager swipe and adjustment applied to check

  • Correctly displays memo message when adjustment is applied to check

  • Finalize screen displays correctly after refund applied to check


  • Guest receipts no longer prematurely cuts when purchasing gift cards

App Reports

  • Tapping Amount column sorts in ascending or descending order

  • Cashout and DSR fields print correctly

  • Payment Media displays separate cashout amounts correctly

  • Re-opened checks with multiple credit card refunds display on payment details in DSR

  • Adjustments correctly apply to qualifiers in set combo

  • Printed payroll report displays correct decimal places

Gift Cards and Loyalty

  • Able to properly redeem loyalty

  • Can properly apply loyalty card to check after card inquiry

  • Gift card numbers display correctly on payment

  • Paytronix setup of "Free fountain bev w/ full pay" correctly discounts beverage on check

  • All gift cards applied to a check are printed on the chit

Menu Items

  • Items split correctly and display the same information on sync’d iPads

  • Expedited qualifiers in a combo no longer expedite the entire combo

  • Insufficient Stock message displays when ordered component item exceeds available number in stock during customization window

  • Stock counter consistently displays correct amount

  • Items with end dates configured will not print on checks passed the set due date

  • "Change Order Type" unavailable on sent multi-select items

  • Combo First requirements are correctly adhered to during order

  • Overridden PLU/Bar Code displays the correct item

Online Orders

  • Online Order checks display in ECM reports


  • Duplicate headers remedied

  • Delivery Orders properly sends to kitchen if Send on Finalize is enabled

Time Clock

  • Prep Printer can be configured as time clock printer

WebOrder API

  • Duplicate checks no longer occurs

  • Able to apply alternate payments to checks created via WOAPI



3. Release report