.51 Order Entry for iPad

Release Date: 10-14-2013

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  • [OE-7] - Thick Client Reports, Payroll date range report is not pulling the Start Date's data.
  • [OE-22] - When adding a new punch adjustment (in/out) the seconds for the intime and out time should be 0
  • [OE-27] - User is prompted to choose "Dine In" or "Take Out" after counter service order improperly
  • [OE-36] - With 2 credit payments and zero tip on one or both payments, pressing finalize will not properly capture payment auths
  • [OE-37] - Check search - take out orders show buttons incorrectly
  • [OE-38] - Reopening all closed checks, UI doesnt refresh
  • [OE-44] - Check search print button does not work
  • [OE-45] - DSR report crashes when running report for specific user
  • [OE-61] - Creating payment from one ipad and closing it out on for takeout orders causes items not to be sent to kitchen.
  • [OE-97] - Print is not working in Check Search


  • [OE-26] - Change "Roaming" to "Default" move other modes into sub group called "Override Operation Modes" on Operation Mode selector.
  • [OE-29] - Add "My Checks" button to the right of "Go to ..." button on top of on screen check
  • [OE-33] - Map ext. code to kdsstation and orderItemId for Logic Controls Integration
  • [OE-48] - Refactor scheduled send of parked sessions

New Feature

  • [OE-24] - Device should automatically detach when user logsoff while in "Table Service Mode"
  • [OE-71] - Ability to make a paidout or paidin from the staff user interface
  • [OE-101] - Ability to enable/disable permission for users to do advanced orders.
  • [OE-102] - Ability to enable/disable paidouts feature