4.5.5 Hotfix Order Entry for iPad

Release date: September 26, 2018


  • [OE-11648] - Guest Facing: Suggested gratuity on split payment is not updated when the amount is manually entered


  • [OE-11538] - Menu manager is not graying out unchecked items; can order 86'd item
  • [OE-11593] - Guest Facing: Suggested gratuity amounts displayed for split payment should be the same as the printed receipt
  • [OE-11644] - Guest Facing: OK button is not working on split payment when the amount is manually entered
  • [OE-11647] - Guest Facing: Split payment created on the guest view is not shown when the server logs in to staff view
  • [OE-11670] - Receipt: Merchant and customer copy receipt are not printed for staff UI Pre-Auth transactions


  • [OE-10986] - Guest-facing payment on external device - Fields are blank on the Signature window for the name and expiration date of the credit card

Release report