Payment Devices


Payment devices can be added, edited or disabled on the Payment Devices tab.

Item Description 
Add Payment DeviceClick to add new line for payment device

Save Changes

Cancel Changes

Click Save Changes to save changes made on tab

Click Cancel Changes to cancel changes made on tab

NameThe name given to the device (required) 
TypeType of device (required)
Com Port

Com Port assigned to the device (use control to select port) 

HostIP address of the device host 
GC Tip (PAX only)Select to enable PAX device to request a tip amount for gift card payment
Account feature toggle required for this option to appear: 
4.8 GC Tip on PAX device
PinPad MacAddress Exclusive to Ingenico devices
Camera EnabledSelect this option if the camera on a PAX device is active/enabled.
DisabledSelect to disable a device; clear to enable 

Add Payment Device

  • Click Add Payment Device
  • Enter a name in text field (field is required)

  • Select a payment device type from dropdown list

  • For Types:
    • If using the VX805, select the number of the Com Port (must be between 0 and 65535)
    • If using PAX Terminal, enter the Host IP address 
    • If using Adyen Terminal, a Payment Device Settings form will appear and must be filled out with the Adyen settings**

**Additional info for Adyen Terminal configuration is available here

Edit a payment device

  • Click in any field to open
  • Edit the field, either by entering information or selecting from the control 

After adding or editing 

Changes can be saved or canceled by using the buttons at the top of the tab. (These are specific to the Payment Devices page.) 

  • Save Changes - Click to save changes made on the Payment Devices page
  • Cancel ChangesClick to cancel changes made on the Payment Devices page




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