Test Card Reader (Win App)


To check the connection of a card reader device, access the test card reader on the app and swipe a card on the device to test. The results will show:

  • Connected: Yes/No

    • Determines whether a card reader device is connected or not

  • Wireless: Yes/No

    • Determines whether the connected device supports contact-less feature

  • Track 1

  • Track 2

  • Card Number: Masked card number

  • Device S/N: Device Serial Number

  • Key S/N: Key Serial Number

  • Processor


  • Go to the Cashier Menu. (Select from the dropdown in the header or swipe right from the Ordering Menu.) 
  • Tap Settings.

  • On the Settings page, tap Test Card Reader.

  • The Test Card Reader page opens. Swipe the card on the card reader device (usually payment device). 

  • The connection, card, device and processor information will be shown.