Cash out (WinApp)


At the end of a server's shift, the server cashes out to report any cash they've received in payment from customers. This is done to balance the transactions and ensure there are no overages or shortages. 

The app allows the user to cash out more than once per day. If a server is working a split shift, for example, they would cash out for each shift worked that day. 

Cashouts may also be performed for other users, for the entire house and by drawer. An automatic cash out is also performed at end of day and end of pay period. 

In order to cash out:

  • The user must be unassigned from all locations 
  • All open checks (unfinished transactions) must be closed/finalized 

A warning will display when the user tries to finalize the cash out if these conditions are not met. 

ECM Configuration

Option: Reset sales total or report cumulative sales

The site has the option to report a cumulative sales total for the day or to reset sales total to zero each time a cashout is performed.

This is a site-level setting found on the Reports tab of the Site in ECM.  

  • To configure sales to be reset with each cash out, select Reset sales totals to 0 when a staff member finalizes a cash out. Each report will show the sales totals between the last and the current report.
  • If not selected, when the cashout is finalized, each report will show a cumulative total for the day 

Job Permissions 

Job permissions are set in ECM that allow a user to: 

  • View/finalize/print entire house cashout
    • This action is usually reserved for management staff

  • View/finalize/print others' cashouts
    • Permission is for others' cash outs, not the user's own cash out

  • View/finalize/print others' drawer cashout
    • Permission is for others' drawer cashouts

  • View/finalize/print own cashout
    • Permission is for user's cashout, not others' cashouts
    • When previous cashout is reprinted, a watermark prints on the receipt: REPRINTED CASHOUT 

  • View/finalize/print own drawer cash out 
    • Permission is for user's drawer cash out, not others'

Most jobs will be allowed to manage their own cashout; managers and leads are generally permitted to manage others' cashouts, drawer cashouts and the house cashout. 


All open checks must be closed and user unassigned from all locations for a user to cash out.

  • On the Location Manager, tap the user name to show the User Options: Time Clock and Cash Out

  • Tap Cash Out (loading indicator may display briefly) 

Own Cashout


  • Sales Summary
  • Tender Summary
  • Labor Summary
  • Sales Category
  • Tenders
  • Paidouts
  • Payment Details

Own Cash Out (continued)

Screen Elements

Item Description
User nameDisplayed at top of left panel
TransactionsUser's transactions for the cashout period are reported

Default: Current Business date 

Date can be changed by tapping the date selector and selecting a new date

Run reportAfter selecting new search or filter criteria, tap Run report to refresh the display
Cash Out

Tap Cash Out to finalize the cash out 

  • If there are unfinished transactions, an error message will be displayed.
    • Tap Cancel to close window and return to cashout window 
    • Tap My checks to go to the location with the unfinished transaction 

  • If a user remains assigned to a location, an error message will be displayed. The manager on duty can address the user's assigned locations as needed. 


Deposit is an optional requirement based on a user's job.

ECM configuration path: Users > Jobs > Workflow (tab)

  • Require a cash deposit when staff member finalizes their cashout
  • Require a cash deposit when manager finalizes the entire house cashout 

  • Multiple deposits can be entered
  • Negative deposits can be entered by toggling Deposit Adjust +/-
  • Cash Over/Short is displayed on report
  • Cashout reports are final at EOD
  • Cash deposit amount cannot be edited

After tapping Cash out, if deposit is required, a numeric keypad will display to enter the amount of the user's cash deposit to the house. A message "Deposit amount is required" will display briefly.  

  • Use the keypad to enter the amount of the user's cash deposit.
  • Tap OK to complete or C to clear and re-enter an amount. 

  • Deposit receipts will print

Printer Tap the printer icon and select a printer from the list shown 
Cash Out by Device 

Tap device icon on the top left to perform exclusive device cash out. (Workflow in next section)

Others' cash outs 

Permission required: A user's job must have the following permission to manage others' cashouts: Allow user to view/finalize/print others' cashouts (See Cash Out#JobPermissions

  • Tap the user icon  to display a list of users who have cashouts (finalized or pending finalization)
  • Select a user; tap Cash out to finalize the user's cashout

Entire House Cash out 

Permission required: A user's job must have the following permission: Allow user to view/finalize/print entire house cashout (See Cash Out#JobPermissions)

  • Tap the Entire House icon to display entire house cashout report 
  • Tap Cash out to finalize the cashout
  • The system will prompt user to enter a deposit amount (if required)
    • Enter amount and tap OK
  • System automatically cashes out and finalizes entire house at end of day 

  • Tap Cash out to finalize report 

Cash Out by Drawer

Similar to user cashout, cashing out by drawer provides:

  • Drawer-specific sales information via the cashout report
  • User accountability for the over/short of the drawer assigned to the specific user


Users > Job > edit job - Select permissions:

  • Allow user to view/finalize/print others' drawer cashout
  • Allow user to view/finalize/print own drawer cashout 


  • Tap cash drawer icon; a list of drawers available for cashout is displayed
  • Select a drawer to cash out 
    • Drawer number is preceded by the device name used for the transactions

  • Cashout report is displayed; tap Cash out to finalize cashout for the drawer
    • Report will print automatically 

Automatic cash out

  • An automatic cashout occurs at the end-of-day (EOD) based on System Daily Close Time (set in Store Hours) for pending cashouts for manager or users that don't use the time clock.
  • An automatic cashout also occurs at the end of the pay period based on Start of Pay Period Date/Time (set in Store Hours) for all pending cashouts for time clock users. If, for instance, the restaurant's pay period time occurs after the end-of-day, all pending cashouts for time clock users are also automatically cashed out. 
  • Cashout report does not print for automatic cashouts. 

ECM Cashout Report  

  • To view the cash out report in ECM, go to Reports > Cashouts
  • Select a site and the date and time; default is the current date

  • Click Refresh Report 

    • The records in the cashout report are grouped by employee name. 

    • Each shift cashout record is displayed separately on the report

    • The report can be exported to PDF, Excel or CSV format 

Cashout by Device

This is a cashout based on the device that was used, regardless which user(s) was accessing this device

Job Permission RequiredAllow access to Device Cashout

  • Allow Access to Device Cashout

  • Optional Permission to access and print out another device cashout.


  • Tap your username in Location Menu then tap Cash Out.

  • Tap Device on the top-left, then tap the device name under Cash Device you're utilizing.

  • Tap Cash out on the top-right to complete.

User Options

Job Permissions

Reports (sites)

Cashouts Report