Scales Installation for Order Entry

NorthStar Order Entry supports scales that use the "NCI Weigh-Tronics" protocol. It is known to work with the following models:

  • Brecknell 6710U 
  • Mettler Toledo Ariva-S

Table of Contents

General Instructions


Adjust the level

Before installing or connecting cables, adjust the level on the scale. 

  1. Lift the metal plate on the top of the scales to expose the built-in level for the scale. 
  2. Brecknell 6710U - Level
  3. Mettler Toledo Ariva-S - Level
  4. Adjust the leg stands on each of the scales until the small bubble in the level is in the center of the circle. 

Connect units and cables

  1. Each scale will have its own display unit and cables provided.
  2. Follow the manufacturer's manual to properly attach the: 
    • display unit
    • power cable 
    • serial cable

3. These are the connection ports on the sides of the scales:

Brecknell 670U - Ports

Mettler Toledo Ariva-S - Ports

4. After the cables and display are connected, connect the scales to the Lantronix device to provide it a COM #. You will enter this COM # in ECM. 

You can follow the Lantronix document: Installing a Lantronix Serial-to-Ethernet Device

Troubleshooting: /wiki/spaces/SM/pages/93028362

Device-specific information

Brecknell 6710U

The Brecknell 6710U scale uses a straight-through serial cable. It does not work with a null modem cable.

Brecknell 67xx Serial Scale User Manual.pdf

  • Page 52, "7.1 Communication Settings", gives instructions on the configuration below

Brecknell 6710U configuration

  • For Windows: a double male USB cable is needed to connect the scale to the windows app. 
    • User
      • Com 1 (USB)
        • BudRt (Baud Rate): "9600"
        • Bt.Fmt (Bit Format): "7o1"
        • OutMd (output mode): "Prt.Cd"
        • Lyout (Layout): SCP02

  • For iOS: a serial cable and Lantronix box is needed to connect the scale to the iOS app. 
    • User
      • COM2 (Serial Port)
        • BudRt (Baud Rate): "9600"
        • Bt.Fmt (Bit Format): "7E1"
        • OutMd (output mode): "Cmd" or "Prt.Cd"
        • Lyout (Layout): SCP01
  • There is also a screw on the bottom of the Brecknell 6710U that needs to be removed if the scale is not showing accurate numbers. This is the shipping screw.
  • Once removed a zero calibration will need to be done.
  • Cal
    • Cal-on
      • Zero

Mettler Toledo Viva

The Mettler Toledo Viva scale uses a null modem cable. It does not work with a straight-through serial cable.

Mettler Toledo Viva Configuration (Viva PDF Document attached to this page)

  • Setup
    This mode allows an operator to change certain soft switches directly from the keyboard. While turning on the
    power, press and hold >0< key until “grP 1” is displayed. The scale is configurable for your specific needs
    with a special interactive set up procedure. In order to access the various prompts, you must utilize the
    following keys during the scale setup mode.
    This key is used to confirm the choice and then go to the next step.
    This key is used to step through the set up groups. Once a group is accepted, this key is
    used to select the soft switch settings

  • Make sure to follow these settings for the scale within the GROUPS in the setup.

    • GRP1

      • 1.5: OFF

    • GRP2:

      • 2.4: 2

    • GRP3:
      • 3.1: 3
      • 3.2: 1
      • 3.3: 0
      • 3.4: 1
      • 3.5: 8
    • Save Settings by pressing >0<

(Mettler Toledo Document Here)