Alternate Payments


Alternate payments are miscellaneous forms of payment used instead of cash, credit card or gift card. These might include gift certificates, loyalty programs (e.g., pasta points), house accounts, etc. 
Path: Financial > Alternate Payments 


In ECM, configuration is managed in two areas:

  • Financial - Alternate types of payment are configured under the Financial tab.
  • Jobs - Permission are granted to specific jobs to use specific types of alternate payments.

Add Alternate Payments

  • Click Add Alternate Payment to display window

NameName of the alternate payment to be displayed on the app
Description Description of the alternate payment
External Code Numeric code used by third-party systems 
ActiveSelect to make the alternate payment active 
NorthStar Pay 

Requires feature toggle to be enabled: 4.8 NorthStar Pay* 

Allows user to define an alternate payment to use for NorthStar Pay.
Only one alternate payment can be designated for NorthStar Pay

*If feature toggle is not enabled, this setting will not display and NorthStar Pay will not be available for selection as an alternate payment.

Make Alt. Payment available for these jobsSelect the jobs that can apply this alternate payment; can select all by selecting Available in column header 
Requires Member Account 

Select if the alternate payment type requires a member account

Requires account feature toggle: Enable Alternate Payment Requires Member 
This feature requires an account feature toggle to be set in order for this option to display
. Please contact your NorthStar representative to have this setting enabled for your account.


Click Save to save changes and close window
Click Cancel to discard changes and close window 

Edit Alternate Payments

General tab

  • Click the edit (pencil) icon to open the edit screen for an alternate payment.
  • Make changes as needed.
  • Requires Member Account - Prerequisite of NorthStar Membership needed to utilize alt payment.
  • Tax Exempt - Setting to make this alt payment tax exempt. 
  • Click Save Changes to save changes or Cancel changes to discard changes when done.

  • Inline editing is available on the Alternate Payments grid by clicking in the Name, Description or External Code field and editing the text. (Avoids navigating to another page to edit.)  

Localization tab

The alternate payment name can be set to another language. 

  • Click Add new record to open a new line for inline editing.
    • Select a language from the language list
    • Enter a name and description
    • Save to save changes 

Site Availability tab

Requires feature toggle to be enabled for this tab to display: Alternate payments controlled by site. 

Alternate payments can be set to apply to specified sites. 

  • Select Active for the sites that can use this alternate payment.
  • Click Save to save changes. 

Jobs - Permission to use alternate payment 

Path: Users > Jobs 

Users must have permission set under their jobs to use alternate payments. In Jobs, select the alternate payments that the job can use. 

  • Select a job, click Alternate payments 
  • Select specific alternate payments to provide permission for the selected job type to use.


On the application's Payment screen, tap Alternate in the payment options bar at top. 

The user can select an alternate payment from the list of alternate payment types. (The alternate payments that the user's job is allowed to use will be displayed.)

Note: If site availability is being used, only alternate payments allowed for this site and for this user will appear. 

The type will also appear in the check screen at left. 

Requires Member Account

If "Requires Member Account" was selected on the Alternate Payment configuration, the member account must be selected before the alternate payment can be applied. 

  • Option 1 - Add member account on ordering screen: 
    • On the ordering screen, tap the customer icon below the check panel to open the Rewards pop-up. Enter the customer's information to locate and add their account to the check. 


  • Option 2 - Add member account on payment screen: 
    • Select Alternate payment on payment screen
    • Tap Apply Payment
    • Alert message is displayed: Unable to Apply Payment is displayed
    • Tap OK to dismiss message
    • Rewards pop-up is shown. Enter the customer's information and proceed with payment