Adjustment Reasons


Adjustment reasons are used to apply coupons, discounts, comps, refunds or voids to a menu item or an entire check, adjusting the amount of a payment on a check. Adjustment reasons are also used when adjusting (add/edit/delete) an employee time record. 

To access Adjustment Reasons, go the Financial tab and select Adjustment Reasons. 


Columns can be sorted ascending or descending and can be filtered to show a subset of records.  

Add Adjustment ReasonClick to add and configure a new adjustment reason 
SearchSearch for items by Description 
CSVExport file in CSV format
DescriptionDescription of the adjustment 
Adjustment TypeType of adjustment: Comp, Discount, Refund, Time Clock, Void
Default AmountThe default dollar or percentage amount of the adjustment.
If the checkbox "Allow user to change amount" is flagged, the user can change this amount on the check.
Percent AdjustmentSelected if default amount is a percentage 
External Code 1Numeric field; primarily used for 3rd-party integrations
External Code 2String field; primarily used for 3rd-party integrations 
ActiveSelected if adjustment reason is active
Allow user to change amountThis sets whether the user may change the amount of the adjustment from the application.
Calculate tax after discount is applied This sets whether the tax for an item is applied before or after a discount is applied.
External IDUnique identifier (automatically generated; not editable) 

Add/Edit an Adjustment Reason (ECM)