Automatic Surcharge by Area (WIP)

Automatic surcharges allow the site to create a charge based on dollar amount or percentage that does not compensate the staff. This will be recorded to the house as a non-revenue sale.

  • This is not a gratuity.

  • Surcharge feature needs to be selected for account to access.

ECM Setup

  • Navigate to Gratuities and Surcharges.

  • Click Add Gratuities and Surcharges.

  • Enter description and set Surcharge Type to Automatic.

  • Set dollar amount to any amount and set party size to apply surcharge to.

  • Select taxes that apply


  • Navigate to Site’s Areas and click on Auto Gratuities/Surcharges tab.

  • Select Automatic Surcharges to be applied to the site.


  • Send a deploy to site.


Application Surcharges Screen

These are just example shots from the applications and how it should display. The numbers are inconsistent in relation to application of surcharge numbers displayed.

iOS Surcharges

  • Adjustments screen.


  • Check screen - applied to payment.


Windows Application Surcharges (WIP)

  • Check screen - applied to payment.



These are sample reports that should display when utilizing Surcharges.

iOS Reports

  • DSR and Sales Summary.


  • User Cashout report.


Windows Application Report

  • WinApp DSR.

ECM Reports

  • ECM DSR - Non-Revenue sales section



  • Check print out.