Automatic Gratuity by Area


Automatic gratuity by area (introduced in OE version 4.0) allows the restaurant to establish control over when and where an automatic gratuity is triggered. 

Use case: 

The restaurant has a bar, patio with large tables and dining area with large tables. Management configures an automatic gratuity for parties with 10 or more people in the dining area only.

In this example, the following conditions must be met to trigger the automatic gratuity by area:

  • Party must be 10 or more than 10
  • Party must be seated in a location in the dining area 


  • Seating >= 10 in dining area adds auto gratuity to checks
    Note: If more checks are added to the session, then all checks should automatically get the auto gratuity added by default.
  • Seating < 10 in dining area does not add auto gratuity to checks
  • Seating >= 10 in bar does not add auto gratuity to checks
  • Seating >= 10 in patio does not add auto gratuity to checks


Configure the automatic gratuity: 

  • In ECM, go to Financial > Gratuities
  • Configure the automatic gratuity as specified on the Gratuities page: Gratuities and Surcharges
  • Be sure to specify the amount of gratuity, select either Net Sales or Gross Sales and the party size that will trigger the automatic gratuity

Configure the area:

  • Select a site from Sites
  • On Edit Site, click Areas and select an area 
  • Under Automatic Gratuities, enable the automatic gratuity to be applied to this area
    • To disable an automatic gratuity from an area, uncheck the box
  • Save
  • Deploy the site


When a party is seated in the specified area and meets the conditions for party size, the automatic gratuity is triggered. The amount specified (based on either net or gross sales, as configured) will be applied to the check. Automatic gratuities appear on the check on the payment screen.

gratuity 8.PNG

Gratuities and Surcharges