NorthStar 4.9.4 Release Notes

Release Date: TBD

Consolidated Server, iOS, and Windows.

1. New Features (Server/iOS)








  • Thanx provider added to integrations tab.


  • OpenTable

    • Allows users to Reserve tables on the OpenTable platform and send the reservations to Northstar.

Server/iOS Improvements

Advanced Orders

  • “Print and send advanced orders when scheduled” staff facing option allows for check to print once future order is entered into the system. -


Combos -

  • New background endpoints added for combos.

  • Able to modify combos after combo has been sent to the kitchen.

  • Ability to move combo qualifiers from one combo to another.

  • Area setting allows for user to create combos on the fly.



  • Will not send to Data Service if connection to Kafka is disconnected.


Bar Codes/Label Printing

  • Label Printing options available in bar code printing section. -



  • Changed from Serial to IP. - /


Dispatch Dashboard

  • Sent tokens are encrypted using AES encryption. -



  • Able to apply deposit regardless of amount on check. -



  • SDF deployment files are now saved in SQL Database. -


Drive-Thru Checks

  • Drive-Thru check search will refresh every 5 seconds so that checks have the most recent changes done if any. -


Failover (System Backup)

  • Message will display on-screen when primary server has reverted to its backup server instead. - / (Internal - )


Magensa (Offline Transaction)

  • iOS setting forces offline transactions for sites using Magensa processor with Magtek payment devices (eDynamo, iDynamo6).

    • Offline transactions must be enabled first for account.


  • Updated NorthStar logo for both iOS and Windows applications.


Survey Codes

  • SMG survey code changed from 14 to 15. - /



  • iOS screen will display a message if there are unsent PAX batches/SAF Information, both for Staff and Manager. -



  • User can tap card icon on login screen to use PAX as mag card reader.


  • Credit Card transactions that are processed offline will display with a yellow highlight and display “Offline: Pending” to inform user of credit card connectivity.



  • Magensa-Chase processor now available for PAX devices. -



  • Quantities have been increased to more than 2 digits. - /



  • Background improvements for online orders sent to QSR kitchen screens.


Windows App Features

Cash Out

  • Able to cash out by device/terminal. -


  • Combo first allows modification of qualifiers.


  • Can now apply multiple seat numbers to a menu item when modifying.


  • Able to clock into system when system has no internet connection.

Windows App Improvements


  • Default qualifiers for the combo display as selected when a combo is inputted.

Deploys / Publish

  • Seamless deploys applied to app without app acknowledgement.

Location Manager

  • “Default to location kepad on login” flag selected under Layout tab allows user to log in and immediately access location list.


  • WinApp logs last longer than 2 days.


  • Parity in DSR reporting between iOS and WIndows App.

Menu Button

  • Added support for button label on menu items.

Payment Device

  • eDynamo acknowledges card swipes for card inquiry.

  • Windows app screen will display a message if there are unsent PAX batches/SAF Information, both for Staff and Manager.


  • App allows the forcing of offline transaction for Magensa processor.


  • Can modify seat number after item has been sent to the kitchen.


  • Quantities have been increased to more than 2 digits.

2. Fixes



  • "Allow discount to be applied multiple times to a single item" flag now functions correctly.

  • WOAPI orders no longer calculate tax for items adjustment is not applied to. (Check_Over_Payment issue)

  • Ordering Menu screen no longer disappears during a General Refund attempt.

Advanced Orders

  • Scheduled advanced orders correctly load in Advanced Order check search.


  • Background protections to keep app stable throughout the business day.

  • "The Web Service response to AdminService/json/.ReleaseLocation-Lock was empty" error message no longer displays after pressing Home button on iPad.


  • Payments in the middle of authorizing a payment no longer locks the check/application.

  • “Check ID is null“ error message no longer displays when modifying an item.

  • Splitting or adding checks by seat number no longer displays incorrect/inconsistent numbering.

  • “Session Ended” error message no longer displays when adding items to check.


  • Error message “The selected items do not generate a valid combo. Please check your selection“ no longer displays when creating an auto combo.

  • Re-ordered combos become auto combos without no “Nullable object” error message displaying.

  • Ungrouped auto combos display correct separate prices for menu items.

  • Autocombo no longer charges component price twice after modification.

  • Reopened check after modifying an ordered autocombo allows user to close the check once completed.

  • Autocombo correctly combines when quantities are utilized.


  • Coupons no longer apply limitlessly.


  • Modified items no longer duplicate on KDS screens.

NorthStar Services

  • Remote services starts after installation.


  • Cashier user ordering an autocombo and then tapping the Payment button no longer crashes the app.

  • Tapping the Cash button no longer displays the cash screen twice.

  • Payment screen no longer freezes when modifying the refund amount.

Payment Devices

  • Able to swipe and manually enter gift cards on PAX A35.

  • CC transactions on via TSYS TransIT are now properly approved instead of displaying a fatal exception error message.

  • “The object message has been disposed” error message no longer displays when payment is authorized on iDynamo device.

  • Utilizing external credit card device no longer generates "The creator of this fault did not specify a Reason" error message.

  • Guest Payment will process new transaction after initial payment attempt failure.

  • Tapping enabled payment buttons $5, $10, or $20 payment button on screen displays that cash amount to be received.

  • Reopening a check to attempt to apply a refund no longer just auto finalizes the check.


  • Certification revised.

  • Subtotal calculation correctly sums prices of menuItem and discountItem.

  • Corrects several discount calculation issues.


  • Windows app configured for OCB no longer attempts to launch ACD app instead.


  • Added item(s) to a check with autocombo-on-the-fly no longer immediately prints directly to the kitchen unless submit/send or payment button is tapped.


  • Receipt prints emails with credit card payment and tip amount, if applicable.

  • Emailed receipts display credit card details when payment utilizes EMV on eDynamo.


  • Remedied object reference error when applying change to managed tips.


  • Done button no longer warps.


Windows Application


  • Applying discount twice (if item permitted) no longer displays error message.

  • Adjusting tip amounts no longer crashes the app.

  • Refunding credit card payments semds tip amount to server.

Bar Codes

  • QR codes no longer have blurry print outs.


  • Offline cred card paid check displays the yellow highlight when reopened.


  • Editing combo qualifiers no longer displays error message and correctly displays in set order.

  • Paying for an autocombo no longer trigger the Build Combo.

  • Able to take payments for autocombo.

  • Correct combo name displays in the check panel after submitting to the kitchen.

  • After ungrouping, modifying or voiding autocombos correctly recreates the combo.


  • App no longer crashes when attempting to apply a coupon.


  • Quantity keyboard under Workflow tab correctly honored.


  • Edit checks permission is now consistently honored.

  • Finalize/Wipe and Swipe permission honored.

Menus / Menu Items

  • Windows app correctly displays all menu items and components from menu in Ordering Menu.

  • Day Parts set past 12am no longer causes the menu to blink repeatedly.

  • Long names for items no longer compresses the menus.

  • Modifying quantity of component correctly displays proper quantity number.

  • Entering in components into set placements correctly saves their position for the placement.

  • Component layer pricing properly honored.

  • Components display listing are properly followed in app.

  • Modified components with serving options are reflected on the order screen check panel.

  • Serving options display prices set from ECM.

  • Parity in pricing with iOS when ordering menu items.

  • Reactivated item in ECM displays in Windows App.

  • Menu item time activation date is honored.

  • Min Req Serving Options Category rules honored.

  • Menu Items marked with pricing overrdies display a red tag.

  • Area Day Part menus correctly honored.

  • Navigating to components options no longer displays seat number options.


  • Advanced orders pops up customer information page.

Payment / Payment Devices

  • User can input deposit with no error message displaying.

  • Voiding alternate payment no longer disables applying a new payment.

  • Credit Card expiration date displays in correct format MM/YY.

  • Background datacap fixes.

  • Magensa reader able to read swipes in card inquiry.

  • Payment screen displays credit card payment option and no longer disappears.


  • Gift Card cash out screen displays remaiuning balance when gift card is swiped on PAX S300.


  • App correctly prints to set USB printer.

  • "Show only components added or removed" setting honored.

  • QR Codes print clearly.

  • Spinning wheels no longer displays when print or print selections are clicked.

Staff Facing

  • Name, Seat Number, and Quantity no longer overlap on Ordering Menu screen.

  • Setting “Required Seat Number” correctly prompts for seat number.

  • “Allow user to apply updates to the System” setting correctly honored.

  • Key Code clears immedately after user logs into system and taps OK.

  • App no longer prompts number in party twice.

  • Start Tab functions no longer displays error messages.

  • Multi-select correctly functions on Windows App.

  • Editing item no longer disables Seat Number option.

  • Able to edit Order Type.

  • My Checks screen displays current user checks when refreshed.

  • Age Verification correctly honored on app.

  • Navigating to open checks in location list displays open checks.


  • No longer loops when attempting to clock in.

  • User is no longer auto clocked out when accessing the location map or user menu.


  • 4x3 scaled Windows App no longer moves to the left when adding an item.

  • Button text visible in light theme.




3. Release reports