External Code & External Code 2

External Code

The External Code field is used in multiple areas throughout the configuration to allow third parties to integrate with the Order Entry application. 

Third parties can include kitchen systems, payroll management systems, scheduling systems and more. 

When configuring ECM, the External Code field should be left empty (a number will auto-populate the field) unless it has been designated for specific use with a third-party system. 

External Code can only be a number (integer).


External Code 2

Primarily used for 3rd parties; maximum 255 characters.

  • Edit - Optional. Click Edit to define the format required for this field. The controlled format ensures reporting is consistent and improves accuracy. 
    • Label - The default label is "External Code 2." Enter text to change this label to anything else.  
    • Format Value - Enter the characters that define the format value. Example: ###AAA could indicate a format using 3 digits or spaces and 3 alphanumeric characters