Admin - Access Tokens

An access token is required in order for third-party companies to access your restaurant's data for reporting or configuration purposes. Your company controls and manages who is provided an access token; you can create or revoke an access token. You are in control of this access. Some third parties that might require an access token include: 

  • Restaurant Magic (Data Central)
  • Mirus
  • Compeat
  • WineQuest
  • Any other partners who access your reporting data

If this feature is not enabled for your account, please contact your representative at Custom Business Solutions.

Please note: You do not need to create a token for each site in your company. A single token grants access to all of your sites.

View your access tokens

  1. Log in to ECM
  2. From the top navigation menu, navigate to Admin > Access Tokens 
  3. The label and status (Active/Inactive) will be visible. The token number will be partially masked. 

Create a token


Do not provide the same access token to multiple partner companies. Generate a separate token for each company.

  1. Click Add New Token.

  2. Add a Token Label for your token. This can be the name of the company that will use this token.

  3. Click Create.
  4. A token–which looks like a random series of letters, numbers, and symbols–will be generated and the following message will display: 
  5. Copy the access token and provide it to the third-party company to provide access to your data. 
  6. Click Close to dismiss the window. 
  7. The new access token will appear masked in the access tokens grid. 

Revoke a token

  • To revoke a partner company's access to your data, click Revoke next to a token. The token will immediately no longer be allowed to access your data.
  • To reissue a token, revoke the current token and issue a new one.