Credit Card Refund (WinApp)


Checks paid with a credit card payment and finalized can be reopened and refunded.


  • Verify check number and amount to be refunded to credit card.

  • Tap Adjustments at bottom of the check panel or click the edit (pencil) icon to display the flyout menu and tap Adjustments to adjust check.

  • Adjustments screen displays the check and credit card information.

  • VerifyRefund is selected.
  • Under Applied Payments, select the credit card information to be refunded.

  • In the check panel at left, verify the credit card refund under the Payments section.
  • In the center panel, verify the Pending amount payment information to be refunded.
  • Tap Apply payment once all refund payment data has been verified.

  • Check panel at left displays negative amounts for the refund and shows the last four digits of the credit card the refund is applied to. 
  • Payments section displays refund amount applied to credit card.
  • Tap Finalize to complete transaction and close check.

  • Completed.