Gift Card Inquiry (WinApp)


Check the balance remaining on a gift card using Card Inquiry on the Location Menu. 


  • Go to the Location Menu. (Either select from the drop-down in the header or swipe right from the Ordering Menu.) 
  • Tap Card Inquiry.

  • The Gift Card Number page with keypad will open.
  • Swipe the gift card on the payment device or enter the gift card number manually. 
  • Tap OK.

  • Remaining balance will be shown on screen.

  • Tap Print Balance to print receipt showing the remaining balance on the gift card.
  • Tap Card exchange to transfer gift card information from an existing gift card to a new gift card.

Card Exchange 

The balance of an existing card can be transferred to a new card by performing a card exchange. 

  • The original card number will be shown on the Card Exchange screen.
  • Enter the card number of the new gift card. 
  • Tap Exchange

  • The balance of the existing gift card will be transferred to the new gift card.