Reopen a closed check (Win App)

A closed check from any business day can be reopened up to 90 days from the date of the check. When a closed check is reopened, the following actions can be taken: 

Reopened check - Current business day

  • Add a new payment
  • Adjust a tip
  • Add new items to the check
    • User can add items to the same session; these will appear on a new check
    • Session will show Reopened Check and new items will appear on Check #2
  • Refund items
  • Reprint check
  • Refund check 

Reopened check - Previous business day 

  • Reprint check 
  • Refund check

Use Check Search to find check to reopen 

  • Attach to a location.
  • Go to Check Search
    • Go to the Location Menu (Either tap Ordering Menu at the top and select Location Menu or swipe right to go to the Location Menu.)

  • On the Location Menu, tap Check Search.

  • By default, Check Search displays active and closed checks that have been opened from start of day to now. There is also an advanced search.
  • Closed checks have been paid and will display an amount in the Payment column.
    • If the closed check is from the current day, it will appear in the check listing.
    • If it is from a previous day, use Advanced search to locate the check.
    • Tap Advanced search at the top to search by guest identifier, location, check number or other specific criteria. 

Advanced search

  • Use Advanced search to search for closed checks 
    1. Status: Select Closed 
    2. Complete any other information you know such as date, location, amount of check, etc. 
    3. Tap Search

  • From the search results, select the desired check to show the check details in the left panel. 
  • Tap Reopen on the bottom left to reopen the closed check.

  • The reopened check will open to the Ordering Menu where you may add menu items or apply adjustments to the check. 
  • After making changes, complete payment and finalize the check.