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A customer loyalty program is a rewards program offered by a company to customers. A loyalty program may allow a customer to earn and redeem rewards, such as discounts, free food and other special offers. 

Create loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are configured for an account by Paytronix, then the account's loyalty program data is imported to ECM. 

  • Paytronix defines the each loyalty program (known as a "wallet")per the account's business needs. (Paytronix refers to each loyalty program as a "wallet.") The following information from ECM may be needed to set up loyalty programs:from ECM: 
    • Menu Items - external code
    • Menu Item Categories (Paytronix calls these "Major Groups") - external code
    • Areas ("Revenue Centers") - external code
    • For a "redeem wallet" adjustment, Paytronix and the merchant determine the external code the adjustment will use. ECM will import this automatically; the adjustment is not created in ECM.


The Loyalty Programs page displays information for each site:

  • Site Name
  • Number of Active Programs
  • Last Updated
  • Update/Update All Sites


  • To import the wallet information from Paytronix, go to Financial > Loyalty Progams
    • To update all sites, click Update All Sites
    • To update individual sites, click Update for the specific sites
  • An error message will appear for errors such as: 
    • Site not configured for Paytronix
    • Menu item categories external code does not match required external code for updated Paytronix wallet 

  • Publish menus by performing a site deployment: 
    • Go to Sites > select a site > click Deploy Site(s)