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Combos can be configured by either combining the items after individual items are ordered (combo last) or creating a pre-configured combo menu item with qualifiers (combo first). 


NameMenu item name
Button NameText in this field appears on the button on the POS ordering menu. (Button text differs from kitchen label and item name printed on the guest check.) If this field is blank, the button name will be inherited from the item name. (Requires account feature toggle: Menu Item Button Name) 
Description Item description (displayed to the guest)
Combo Type
  • Reduced Price - Reduces the price of each of the items within the combo
    • A reduced price combo has the option to reduce the price by a dollar amount or by a percentage discount
  • Prevailing Price - Replaces the total amount of all of the items within the combo by the prevailing price
Reduced Price Amount/Percent Reduction/Prevailing Price Amount

This field will vary depending the Combo Type selected and will show either a price amount or a price reduction percentage. 

The combo is priced as:
  • A single combo item - Priced as a single combo item (child prices are set to zero)
  • A discount to each item in the combo - Priced as a discount to each item in the combo
Menu Item External CodeLeave at default value. External codes are used for 3rd-party software integration.
Adjustment Reason External CodeLeave at default value. External codes are used for 3rd-party software integration.
Sales CategorySelect sales category to be used for reporting the menu item 
Allow Save To Favorite

Guest-facing feature: If customer has an account, item can be saved to the customer's "Favorites" to make it easy to reorder in the future. 

Require seat number

 A seat number is required when ordering the item. 
The app will prompt the user to enter a seat number before they can add the item to the order: 

Active Make the menu item active/inactive on all applications
Taxed for TakeoutWhen selected, the combo menu item will be taxed when ordered for takeout 
Available for Takeout Item can be ordered for takeout (not consumed in the restaurant)
Do not prompt combo last

Default: Not selected

When this setting is selected, the user will not be prompted to build this combo at payment. 

This setting can be used with loyalty/coupon programs where a coupon is scanned for a special offer. 

  • Coupon is scanned: System automatically builds the combo and gives the customer a discount. (No prompt for combo last.)
  • No coupon scan: User is not prompted to build combo at payment. 
Always apply to all eligible items on a check when coupon is scanned 

 When this setting is selected and a coupon is scanned or entered, the discount is applied to all eligible items
If the setting is not selected, the discount is only applied to the first eligible item

Example: A coupon for 2 entrees for $25  is scanned. The order has 6 entrees. The discount of 2 entrees for $25 is applied three times. 

Exclusive (Other discounts cannot be applied to check)When selected, only the discount for the combo can be applied. If any other discount is attempted, the system will present a message and prevent another discount. 
Walk user through combo orderWhen combo menu item is ordered, the user will be prompted to select each qualifier required to fulfill the combo requirements. 
Note: If the combo menu item has default qualifiers selected, the walk through setting will override the default qualifiers and not automatically add them. The user will be walked through the combo and select the qualifiers manually.  
Auto combo in staff UI

When this setting is selected, if menu items that qualify for a combo are ordered on the app, NorthStar will automatically create a combo.

  • Combo is triggered by tapping Send, Print or Payment
  • Combos are created by seat number (if applicable) 
  • If new items are added, the combo will be re-triggered on Send, Print or Payment to the new best value
  • Items will not be automatically combo'd if payment exists on a check
Auto combo when scanned 

When this setting is selected, if menu items that qualify for a combo are ordered on the app and then a code is scanned, NorthStar will automatically create a combo. 

Include items with adjustment in combo

Default: disabled. Setting is enabled when Auto combo in staff UI is selected.

Selected: Menu items that have had adjustments applied can be included in combo. (If not selected, adjusted items are not included in combo.)   

Qualifier Price Rule

Qualifier Price Rule works with the "Auto combo when scanned" setting and determines the price level required to automatically create a combo.  Select from dropdown list options: 

  • None (default when Auto combo when scanned is not selected)
  • Lowest price (default when Auto combo when scanned is selected)
  • Highest price

  • Click the (question) to display the help text clarifying the Qualifier Price Rule. 

Min. check total requiredEnter the minimum check total required for this combo to qualify for an order
Cover Count

Number of servings (covers) the item represents 

  • Default: 0.00
  • Minimum: -999.99
  • Maximum: +999.99
  • Requires account-level feature toggle: Cover Count - Menu Items
Background ColorSelect a button color from the color palette displayed in the drop-down
Menu Item Categories

The menu item categories this menu item will appear in; multiple categories can be selected. (Selection required for this menu item to be available for ordering.)