Auto Gratuities and Auto Surcharges (Edit an Area)


All gratuities are configured on the Gratuities page under Financial in ECM. If the Type selected for the gratuity is "Automatic," the gratuity is shown on the Area's Auto Gratuities tab.  Automatic gratuities can be enabled as needed for the area. 


  • Create automatic gratuities under Financial > ECM, selecting Automatic as the Gratuity Type
  • Automatic gratuities are shown on the Auto Gratuities tab
  • Select automatic gratuities as needed to enable for the area selected 
  • Click:
    • Save to save changes and exit page
    • Cancel to discard changes and exit page 
    • Apply to save changes and remain on page 

Add an Area

Edit an Area

Automatic Gratuity by Area - to be removed/replaced