Order Entry Account Feature Toggles

The CBS system administrator sets the account feature toggles in ECM's administrative area for each account. (Toggles have two state options: On or Off.) These toggles allow accounts to use features appropriate for their business. 

(tick) - Default settings to be set for all accounts

(error) - Optional (not default) setting

Clients may request that any setting be turned on or off for their account. Please contact your NorthStar representative to set feature toggles for your account.  

Feature CodeFeature NameDescription(tick) /(error)
1iOS 7 Device SupportUser can add iOS devices via ECM(tick) 
2Printer RedirectionPrinters setting to configure failover settings to redirect print jobs (tick) 
3CombosCombo menu items configuration available(tick) 
4Mercury Credit CardMercury/Vantiv available as a credit card processor(tick) 
5Mercury Gift CardMercury/Vantiv available as a gift card processor(tick) 
6System SettingsEnables System Settings tab in Sites (error)
7Display Checks on Expanded on ScreenConcept setting to display on-screen checks in expanded format (error)
8Print components and serving optionsConcept setting to print components and serving options on guest receipts(tick) 
10Multiple TaxesTax Types - allow multiple tax types to be configured(tick) 
11Tip ShareJob setting to set tip share percentage (tick) 
12Copy From SiteSite can be created by copying existing site in ECM (tick) 
13Suggested GratuityReceipts setting to set suggested gratuities displayed on receipt (tick) 
14GamesGames can be configured at site level (error)
15Limited UserDashboard/Roles setting to set Acess Type for each ECM module (Limited or ViewEdit)(tick) 
16Multi-Site SupportAllows multiple sites to be selected in Menu Items to show Shared Properties view (tick) 
17GratuityGratuities can be created and configured (Financial tab) (tick) 
18Offline Credit CardPayment setting to configure offline credit card transactions limits(tick) 
19Guest IdentifierArea setting option to require guest identifiers (Setting: Guest identifier required)(tick) 
20ScalesMake Scales tab available in Sites/Peripherals(tick) 
21ReportsReports can be accessed in ECM(tick) 
22ScannersMake Scanners tab available in Sites/Peripherals(tick) 
23Pricing Override as AdjustmentsConfigure pricing overrides as adjustments (Financial tab) (tick) 
24Meal VoucherTime Clock setting for meal voucher(tick)

Media SharingAllow ECM Media to be shared to multiple 3rd Party Delivery Platforms(tick)
25Print Route OverridePrinter setting by area allows items to be routed to specified printers (tick) 
26Payment DevicesPayment devices can be configured (tick) 
27Sales and Labor IntegrationIntegrations setting to allow HotSchedules configuration (tick)
28Customer DisplayMake Customer Displays tab available in Sites/Peripherals(tick) 
294.0 G2e Training ModeTraining mode can be used at site (tick) 
31Geocoding AddressUses site address to display map of location on Sites/Site Info tab (tick) 
324.0 G0  PRE-REQ Job Permissions/Code based .sdfGenerate SDF via code rather than SSIS(tick) 
334.0 G3c Free componentsMenu item setting to specify the number of free components allowed (tick) 
34Hide Menu Item customization per itemMenu item setting to Hide menu item customization on add (error)
354.0 G2d Labor CategoriesExpose Labor Categories tab on Jobs; associate jobs with labor categories(tick) 
364.0 G1e Adjustment reasons by siteAdjustment reason setting to specify sites allowed to use the adjustment reason (tick) 
37Job Adjustment ReasonsJob setting to allow access to specified adjustment reasons (tick) 
38SurveysAdd survey configuration to site (Sites/Surveys drop-down)(error)
394.0 G1b Guest Facing Web BrowsingGuest-facing option to enable web browsing in guest-facing mode(tick) 
40Copy From Menu ItemMenu item option (on menu item grid) to copy existing menu item(tick) 
414.0 G3a Featured Menu Categories (Guest  UI)Menus option to select menu item categories as featured in guest UI (tick) 
424.0 G2a Disable Payment Types site wideSites/Payment settings to enable individual payment types (tick) 
434.0 G3d Menu Item Pricing, different price by menuMenu Item Pricing (Products) option to allow users to override and define pricing by menu (tick) 
444.0 G4e Manual System Open/CloseSites setting to require a user to manually open and close the site (tick) 
454.0 G4b Area GratuitiesArea setting to enable auto gratuities (tick) 
464.0 G4d Disable Email ReceiptReceipts setting to enable/disable email receipts(tick) 
474.0 G4c Taxes by menuMenu setting to specify menu tax types allowed (tick) 
484.0 G3e Make a menu item require staff to order itMenu item setting to restrict ordering of specified menu items by job (tick) 
494.0 G3f Adjustments group on receipts and UISite setting to show adjustments by item or summarized by type on receipts and UI (tick) 
504.0 G2b Auto Gratuity Can use net or grossGratuity setting to set automatic gratuity calculation against net or gross sales(tick) 
514.0 G3b Set Default Gratuity Choice for the GuestGuest-facing setting to set default suggested gratuity (tick) 
524.0 G2c Alternate Payment option security by jobJob setting to specify alternate payments allowed for job (tick) 
534.0 G4a Menu Item Prefix will print in kitchen.Menu setting to specify menu prefix to order items name on receipt (e.g., HH - Mini Tacos)(tick) 
544.0 G1c Seat NumbersMenu item setting for option to require seat number for item (Requires area setting "Enable seat number") (tick) 
554.0 G1d Combo First OrderingAdds Menu Item Categories module to combo menu item to create combo first item (tick) 
57Cover Count - Menu ItemsMenu item option to set Cover Count (tick) 
584.0 G0a  PRE-REQ JSON publish improvementEnable JSON publishing (tick) 
594.0 G0b PRE-REQ Consolidate like items in kitchenKitchen setting to allow like items to be consolidated on kitchen output(tick) 
604.0 G4f PMS Integration for FCUIAlternate Payment setting allowing Posting Interface to be set to PMS (tick) 
614.1 PAX DevicesSites/Peripherals setting option to include PAX Terminal as payment device type (tick) 
624.1 Guest Receipt Consolidate ItemsReceipts setting to consolidate like order items on guest receipt (tick) 
63Expand time clock overtime rulesTime clock setting enabling display and configuration of overtime rules (error)
644.1 Payment Listing on DSR/CashoutSite/Reports setting - Option to print payment listing on cashout (tick) 
65Show new Payment UISite/s Payments option to show expanded payment options(tick) 
664.1 Multiple Gift Card ProvidersPayment setting adding gift card option to multiple gift card processors(tick) 
67Enable Micros 8700 PMS InterfaceAllows the user to configure Micros 8700 as PMS - setting? (tick) 
684.2 Multiple Language for Guest UI ModesGuest-facing setting to enable multiple language configuration in guest UI(tick) 
694.2 Slipstream Gift CardsPayment setting adding Slipstream as a gift card processor(tick) 
704.3 Real Time Data to Data ServicesConcept setting for check updates to be sent to data services in real time(tick) 
71Enable combo taxesCombo menu item tax setting for prevailing priced combos (tick) 
72Enable Alternate Payment Requires MemberAlternate payment setting to require member account for use (tick) 
73Enable Site Time Clock BreaksEnables Breaks and Break Permissions settings for Time Clock (tick) 
74HeartlandService Credit CardPayment setting adding Heartland as a credit card processor (tick)
754.4 Reset Totals when Staff Finalizes CashoutReports setting option to automatically reset totals when a server finalizes a cashout (tick) 
76Enable ECM Web OrderingIntegrations/Web Ordering API setting to enable web ordering (tick)
77Magensa Credit CardPayment setting adding Magensa as a credit card processor(tick) 
78WorldPay Credit CardPayment setting adding WorldPay as a credit card processor(tick) 
79Start and end datesAllow users to set start and end dates for menu items and components(tick) 
80Enable Component Serving Option pricingComponent/Serving Options setting allowing users to set price for component serving option (tick) 
81TSYS Credit CardPayment setting adding TSYS as a credit card processor(tick) 
82Menu Item(s) Category to Print checkArea setting to require item from selected category per guest (Setting: Item required from selected category per guest) (tick) 
83User Key Codes

Time Clock setting to show user key codes on time clock adjustment screen 

84OLO delivery locationsOnline Ordering (Sites) setting to specify delivery locations(error)
85Enable Fiscal CalendarNOT SUPPORTED AT THIS TIME - Financial setting to specify fiscal calendar (error)
88Sales Category Tip ShareSales Category option to exclude specified sales category from tip share calculations (tick) 
90Print Bar Codes on ReceiptReceipts setting adding options for printing bar codes on receipt(tick) 
92Staff FacingStaff Facing (Site) tab added to configure staff-facing settings (tick) 
93Components Print RoutingPrint Routing tab added to Components for configuration(tick) 
94Adjustment Reason Single DiscountAdjustment Reason setting to allow discount to be applied multiple times to a single item or check(tick) 
95Logic Control Item DisplayKitchen setting - Logic Control option to add new items to existing check on kitchen output (tick) 
96Schedule Jobs and RatesAdd/Edit User - When enabled, allows admin to set an activation date for a user's job(s) and rate(s) (error)
98One-week Pay PeriodStore Hours option to set pay period to one week (tick) 
994.6 Enforce Labor ScheduleJob setting to enforce labor schedule and set grace periods(tick) 
100Short Location DescriptionArea/Location option to set short location description for QSR display(tick) 
101Default to Location KeypadSites/Layouts option to default to location keypad (location list) on login (tick) 
102Restricted itemsMenu item option to make individual item "restricted; requires job permission to order" (tick) 
103Third Party OffersSites/Integrations - Adds Offer Provider tab for third-party offer providers (tick)
1044.5 PLU/Barcode searchMenu item option to add PLU/Barcode as menu item type(tick) 
1054.5 Location Map Background ImagesSites/Layouts option to add background image to location map(tick) 
1064.5 Suggested Gratuity Numeric KeypadGuest-Facing option to display keypad for gratuity instead of suggested gratuity amounts (tick) 
1074.6 Require Tips Declaration Rule

Sites/Time Clock option to require declared tips 

1084.5 MSR MiFare/Swipe for AreasAreas setting to define MSR default behavior (swipe or RFID) (tick) 
1094.5 Menu item coursing on the Staff UIStaff Facing setting to allow menu item coursing (tick) 
110Display some components in expanded check formatComponent category setting appears with options to show all components or only added/removed components(tick) 
112Allowed Menu Item Categories in Adjustment ReasonAdjustment Reasons setting to select menu item categories allowed to use reason (tick) 
114Reporting CategoriesEnable Reporting Categories under Categories (tick) 
115Local printing of remote items to a local PrinterDevice Peripherals option to print items to specified printer. (Overrides printer setting for location.) (tick) 
116Upcharges on prevailing priced comboMenu item/Combo Qualifiers - Add Upcharge Criteria tab to prevailing price combo menu item to set upcharge on qualifiers (tick) 
117Labor enforcementIntegrations option to Pull schedules from HotSchedules (tick) 
118PLU/Barcode ModuleSites/Receipts setting to add Bar Codes tab with print options for bar code(tick) 
120Memo on adjustment reasonAdjustment reason option to allow and configure memo requirement (tick) 
121Charged tips can be included or excluded from cashSites/Reports option to deduct charged tips from cash owed when a staff member finalizes a cashout (tick) 
122Print BIN number prior to the prep descriptionKitchen setting option to print BIN number prior to prep description (tick) 
123Opt in to receive emails or marketing materialsGuest-facing setting option to allow email opt-in to receive emails or marketing materials(error)
1244.7 Enhanced check searchArea setting allowing enhanced check search (by alternate locations) for counter service(tick) 
1254.7 Area iconsArea setting allowing user to select representative icons for alternate locations (e.g., take-out, phone order, delivery services, etc.) (tick) 
1264.7 Easy Access (Alternate Locations)Sites/Devices - Add Alternate Location tab to configure alternate locations for the device(tick) 
127Current business day HotSchedules syncSales, volume and timecard data sent to HotSchedules every two hours for the current business day when enabled(tick) 
128Alternate payments controlled by site Enables Site Availability tab in Alternate Payments configuration; allows admins to specify alternate payments available by site (error)
129Quantity on CombosArea setting to allow quantity orders of combo qualifiers(tick)
1304.7 Menu Item Button LabelMenu item setting option for button label; label name prints on receipt (staff-facing)(tick) 
1314.7 Enhanced start tabArea setting to prompt for CC pre-authorization to start a tab (tick) 
132Hide combo child items on receiptReceipts setting option to show combo child items on receipt (tick) 
133Text messaging on ready ordersArea setting to enable text messaging (tick) 
1344.7 Show location numbers in check searchArea setting to show location numbers in check search after session is finalized (tick) 
1354.7 Enable drawer assignment (dual drawers)Device/Device Peripherals setting to enable drawer assignment(tick) 
136ECM APISites/Integrations setting to add ECM API tab with option to enable schedule API (tick) 
137Send to kitchen when finalizedEnables Area setting to send to kitchen when finalized (counter service only) (tick) 
1384.7 Customer account required on advance ordersEnable Staff Facing setting "Customer account required on advance orders" (tick) 
139Mobile NotificationsEnables Adjustment Reasons setting to send mobile alert when adjustment is greater or equal to [options for Dollar amount or Percentage of check total]   (error)
1404.7 No signature required on payment processingEnables Site/Payment setting option "Signature is required"; options to select Chit or Screen (error)
1414.7 Print menu item button name on receiptEnables Sites/Receipts option to Print button name on receipt (tick) 
142Display all checks from location mapEnables Sites/Staff Facing option to Display all checks from location map (Check Search)(error)
1434.7d IDScan.net VeriScan Online ID ScannerEnables Age Verification tab (Sites/Integrations) with option to enable IDScan.net VeriScan Online ID Scanner (tick)
1444.7 Print check items to additional printersKitchen setting: When Kitchen Printing is selected, enables option to Notify other printers of check items (tick) 
145ECM Access tab under Dashboard -> Roles -> EditAdds ECM Access tab to Roles under Dashboard/Users(error)
1464.7 Time - Rounding rules for clock-in/clock-outTime Clock setting for Time Rounding Rules (tick) 
147Prompt for phone number on payment terminalStaff Facing option to Prompt for account phone number on payment terminal (tick)
148Paytronix loyalty using phone number only 4.7 RELEASE

Payment setting for Paytronix processor to select New account registration requirement (options: Name, Email, Phone Number or only Phone Number) 

149Allow reduced price percentage on combosMenu item setting for reduced price combo with options for dollars or percentage reduction (tick) 
1504.8 Enable quick-pay buttons by areaArea setting to Show payment buttons on order screen (error)
1514.8 GC tip on PAX deviceAdds GC Tip (PAX Only) column to Peripherals/Payment Devices (error)
1524.8 Component print routing options

Components/General tab setting to add Print Routing Option with dropdown options to route Component Only or Menu Item and Component (ECM 5/21/19)

1534.8 print priced components and serving optionsConcept setting to print priced/non-priced components and serving options with/without prices OE-12553 (error)
154Print member info on kitchen chit Area setting to print member name, phone and/or address on kitchen chit OE-12972(error)
155Set component/serving option kitchen timeComponent setting to make Prep Time tab and page available OE-12386(error)
Print items by course (staff facing)
Kitchen setting option to print items by course in the kitchen OE-10176
Show Data View on ECM Welcome page
Option to show Data Processing Time on ECM Welcome page OE-12743
Receipts: Display footer messages option
Receipts setting option to allow user to configure footer messages OE-13166
1604.8 Override site payment signature settingArea setting to configure payment signature requirement by area (If yes to override site by area, options are to sign on chit or screen)(error)
1614.8 Menu item: Checkbox modifications settingMenu item setting to use the checkbox view in guest-facing mode when customizing an item(error)
162Item Reporting CategoriesCategories: Adds Item Reporting Categories to menu with ability to configure reporting categories by item (error)
1634.8 Enhanced adjustment, combo, coupon parsing 
  • Concept setting: Internal parsing engine code. Admin can specify an internal coupon parsing engine allowing complex adjustments such as BOGO, minSpend, exclusive, and lesser to be built. Enable coupon parsing. (Client specific)
  • Adjustment reason setting: When selected, displays setting: Apply discount to the entire check during coupon scan. 
164Finalize unfinished transactions to payment type

Site > Reports setting. Admin can specify to:

  • Finalize unfinished transactions at the end of the next business date
  • Finalize unfinished transactions to payment type

Tax Calculation at the Check Level

Site > Tax Rates setting. Allow users to configure tax calculation at either item (default) or check level

166Allow user to leverage NorthStar coupon services

When enabled, NorthStar Coupon Services is available from Financial dropdown; coupon services pages become available: 

  • NorthStar Coupon Services Batch Management
  • NorthStar Coupon Services Offers 
167Combos - Set default menu items

Products > Menu Items > combo menu items > Qualifiers tab

When toggle setting is enabled, the Qualifiers tab has a Default column to select default items. When ordering a combo in the app, these items will be selected by default for the qualifying menu item category. 

4.8 Compulsory cash drawer  

Sites > Printers >Add/Edit Printer

When enabled, a setting is shown on the printer page: Compulsory cash drawer. 
When setting is selected, the cash drawer must be closed for the POS app to function.  (Only one cash drawer can be selected.) 

169 Key Code EditorWhen enabled, displays Key Code link in Users dropdown. Allows user (with permission to access module) to make key code changes and publish the change. (error)
170Allow customer details to be maskedSites > Staff Facing > Settings
When enabled, an option will display to allow customer details to be masked on the Customer Details pop-up in the loyalty process of the app. 
Print duplicate receipt  

Sites > Printers >Add/Edit Printer

When enabled, a setting allows the user to select a printer to print a duplicate receipt: Duplicate Receipt Printer 


Allow import/export of Users file

Import and export buttons on Users page (ECM > Order Entry > Users > Users) allows site to import or export CSV file.(error)
Allow import/export of Menu Items file 
Import and export buttons on Menu Items grid page (Products> Menu Items) allows site to import or export CSV file.(error)
1744.8 Allow NorthStar Pay

Sites > Receipts > Bar/QR Codes 

When enabled, the Bar/QR Codes page will show settings to print QR code on receipt.

Allow to configure guest identifier kiosk prompt

Guest Facing setting with label "Kiosk Prompt" and text box to enter text for prompt. Prompt will appear on Guest Facing UI. 

4.8 Schedule menu item price changes

Products > Menu items > General tab

When enabled, a link is shown below the price: Schedule price change
The link opens a new window where the user can schedule a price change with effective date and expiration date  

1774.7 Vantiv Encryption Type

Site and Groups > edit a site > Payment 

When enabled, adds Gift Card Encryption Type to Vantiv card processor configuration. This allows Vantiv gift cards to be decrypted by either Vantiv or Magensa swipe. 


Shift4 Credit Card

Sites > Payment > Card Processors 

When enabled, Shift 4 appears as a card processor option in the list of processors. 



1794.8 Enable “Link to” menu item type

Products > Menu Items > Add menu item 

New menu item type that allows menu item to be used as a navigational shortcut. 


180 Enable UltiPro API integration 

Import and export buttons on Users page (ECM > Order Entry > Users > Users) allows site to import or export CSV file via UltiPro's API. 


1814.8 Allow out-of-stock items in advance ordersStaff-facing setting. When enabled, out-of-stock items can be ordered for advance orders. 


1824.8 Fresh KDS Kitchen System

Enables kitchen configuration settings to appear for Fresh KDS 


183Text to pay 

Enables text-to-pay payment setting in Area settings. 

184Time records: Staff must acknowledge adjustment Enables settings on Time Clock (from Sites) to require staff members to acknowledge time record adjustments with option to exclude time record adjustments from labor reports and data outputs if not acknowledged. 
185 Allow Guest Identifier Categories Enables Guest Identifier Categories and Guest Identifiers pages (accessed from Categories dropdown in ECM navigation bar) (error)
186 Payroll Tip Distribution Enables Payroll Tip Distribution process (accessed from Users dropdown in ECM navigation bar) (error)
187Set number of decimal places to round hours workedAllows site to select the number of decimal places to round hours worked
188 Enable TruCommerce Integration Enables ECM pages for TruCommerce to be enabled and configured (error)
189Print survey code on receipt

Enable Survey code settings on ECM > Edit Site > Receipts > Codes > Survey Code

190Enable banks and drops

Enables site(s) to use banks and drops and set limits. Activates Banks/Drops settings on Sites > Staff Facing page. 

191Text to join loyalty program

Enables sites to configure text to join loyalty program on the Sites > Staff Facing page 

192Enable multiple loyalty providers

Enables site(s) to use multiple loyalty providers. Loyalty providers are set on the Sites > Payment page. 

193Enable loyalty card BIN ranges Provides ability for site to enter BIN ranges for loyalty providers. Membership service will use the BIN ranges to determine which loyalty provider to attempt to process a transaction.(error)
194Mask loyalty member info by area (app/receipt)Area setting to mask specified personally identifiable information on the guest receipt, kitchen chit and app. Doc: Add an Area(error)
195 Enable Wisely integration Allows site to integrate Wisely table management. To enable on site, go to Sites > Table and select Wisely in Table Management Engine.  (error)
196Adyen Devices

Allows site to use Adyen as a payment processor and Adyen Terminal for payment device. Enables selection on Payment page and also on the Peripheral > Payment Device > Type. 

1972 or 3 digit check number prints

Prints the last 2 or 3 digits from the check number on the top of the receipt: