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Software: POSitouch 6.4

Version: 17.06

Released: 0507/191/2017

Available Media:


  • Installation process is now highly automated. After filling out one sheet of information, the rest of the installation process should be fully automated.
  • Expiration date has been extended to December 31, 20152017.
  • Installation process has been tested with both Windows 7 and 64-bit backoffice machines.
  • GFlags update is for Windows Seven and above OS Systems POSitouch Servers and has required a 90 second delay in the install
  • Added Fingerprint Files to SC Directory (Should fix issues with upgrading sites with Fingerprints)
  • The .NET Framework 4.0 is downloaded and installed along with POSitouch. If the site has blocked Internet access, you can also transfer the full .NET installs and point the installers to them. It will then use them instead of trying to download.
  • Instructions clarified.

POSitouch Enhancements:

  1. Fixes to SPCwin Dated 0906/0108/1617
  • Show Check Average on Login

    Used for competitions.

    Manager and all servers can see on every login screen, how they are doing relative to each other in terms of check average. 

    Encourages upselling and not giving away drinks, coffee and dessert for free to get a bigger tip.

    Item Sales on Cashout for Servers

    Major/Minor Items on Server Cashouts

    Major/Minor Items on Server Cashouts

    Designed for sites that are having trouble reconciling because they have servers who work doubles, but do cashout of “entire day” at the end of both shifts

    With this flag they would not be able to do a cashout for “Entire Day”.

    Male/Female Seats

    Early Punch In From Break Without Manager

    Adjustment and Acknowledgment Report

    Print Closed Check Stats on Server Cashout

    Tracking Dine Time

    Set Check Printed Time at Transaction Complete

    Alerts Report

    Manager Cash Flash Category

    Checks close to payment type at shutdown

    Customer that wish to use this need to create a payment type called something like “Open Checks” and checks will be closed to this payment type at shutdown. This will work for Manual shutdown as well as auto shutdown

    Manager override for tips

    Related to manager override for tips over %: __

    Maximum tip percentage:--- This is the percentage a manger can’t go over for non-zero checks.

    For 0.00 checks tips over:----- This is a dollar floor amount for manager override for 0.00 checks.

    Maximum tip amount for 0.00 check ---- This is the amount a manager can’t go over for 0.00 checks..

    Reorder Time priced items at shift change

    Timed priced items will automatically get reordered at shift change to be able to properly reflect any price changes.

    Enhanced OOS

    User Program Button on Payment Screen

    Cell Type 33 – Fast Cash

    Cell type 33 is a button you can use on an order screen to apply cash payments to a check without leaving the order screen.   Price 1 in this cell can be set as follows:

    A positive number like 5.00 or 10.00 to mean $5 or $10.   The site will likely have a bunch of these for 5, 10, 20.

    $0.00 - means next whole dollar rounded up from the check amount.

    $-1.00 - means clear.

    Reproduced Checks

    When “Additional Info” is checked, it will show manager names who applied comp/discount.

    No Enter CVV

    Requiring a CVV code can be determined by user privilege code.

    No CC 4 Digit Verification

    You can now eliminate at the card level the requirement of a Credit Card 4 digit verification. Requiring a 4 digit verification code can be determined by user privilege code. With this on, that user will not need to enter the last 4 digits of the cc.

    Require CVV on swiped transactions

    Check CVV by Card Type

    With this flag you can decide by credit card type whether or not to require a CVV check.

    CVV Length by Card Type

    No Enter CVV by Terminal

    With this flag you can decide by terminal if the CVV code is required.

    No CC send open/close window

    Minimum amount for 4 digit verification

    Price Names

    Message for All Users

    Stored Logos

    Allows for the creation of a logo file to be placed in “non volatile” memory of a printer.

    Used with Epson T88-5 Printer

    Wireless printers could lose their logos more frequently as wireless connectivity issues force resets of the printers.  This will prevent that from happening.

    Customers want to be able to load multiple logos or bitmaps into the printers to print above and below the check body in the header and trailer areas

    The following must happen to make use of this feature:

            1) An Epson utility must be used to create a new                                                ALTLOGO.T85 file containing one or more separate

              bitmaps or logos.

              2) Backoffice settings to designate which printers     are using this approach

           3) WINTERM.ini settings on each terminal to configure this         approach

    Single Menu Per Terminal

    You can now limit assigning a single menu to a terminal for Fast Food Menu Terminal assignments.

    By doing this the limitation of using only defined menus 1-16 is removed.

    User Cash Drawer Includes User Terminal Assignment

    Assigning someone to a cash drawer will also assign them to that terminal

    They will be able to access that terminal by touching their name on the screen.

    Total for Amount Tendered on Guest Check

    We have added a total for the amt-tend column to the payments section at the bottom of a check

    Eliminate from Multiplier

    Time Clock Adjustments - Select Users from List

    Eliminate Adjust Tips

    This flag will eliminate the ability to adjust tips for anyone, under employees hours and schedules.

    No split off function for separate checks

    This will remove the ability to split off items from a check in the separate check screen.

    Prep Delay by Item

    This feature gives the server the ability to start an order and time items individually

    Required Settings >There must be a Delayed Routing Scheme set up in Set up> Hardware > Printout Routing for the Delay timer to kick in. Above you can see the only category following the standard routing scheme is the Liquor/Beverage category which means these items will get sent immediately

    The standard routing scheme is still in play here and should be used for any items that are going to be sent right away such as beverages.

     A server can enter beverages and menu items and when they touch send, the beverages will go immediately because they are included in the Standard Routing scheme and the menu items will go according their send times:

    The example above shows the Delay routing entries which means these categories will follow the Delay Routing Scheme

    • In Menu Screens : Prep Sequence Names > Standard Completion Minutes, This setting will be the max amount of minutes an item can be delayed.
    • Create Completion Times for Each Send, in order for any additional items to be timed or to have the ability to modify an item after the initial delay timeAll items in Delayed send routing scheme must have the same Prep Minutes filled in to match the Standard Completion setting mentioned previously
    • All Menu items in the delayed send routing scheme have to be in the same Sequence # and need a “modifier group” containing the timing in minutes with which to delay items.
    •  The “delay time” options must have a negative amount in the prep minutes and we suggest showing inventory descriptor on prep and enter a description that won’t really say anything as we don’t want to confuse the cooks.
    • The flag “exclude from check” also needs to be on. This flag will insure that these descriptors do not print on a guest
    • “Print inventory description on prep” needs to be on

    At the front of the house a server can touch the amount of minutes they want to delay an item. If they do not choose one of these options the item will be sent immediately when they touch Send

    • A server can also go back to an order and modify or remove the timing by touching the minutes and touching Mod or Del.
    • Mod will bring up the list of modifiers including the minutes to delay and they could change the delay time if desired at that point.

    Del will remove the time so that when the server touches send, the item will go immediately